Sunday, 9 January 2011

Internet Massage

So I got up and headed off to the guesthouse I booked for the night before. They had kept my room (well bed). I checked out of JJ and into DIVA (lol at the name). I didn't have a room, I have a bed in the dorm. Felt a little dubious about it to be honest. But maybe I'll meet people I thought. Booked my VIP 700 baht recliner massage chairs bus back to bangkok for Tuesday night. That is going to be sweet.

Had a wonder round the area and found the best sign ever; "Internet massage". No need for further comments. Went back to the guesthouse for a shower and booked a trek for tomorrow.

Headed back out with an idea of where I'm going; mostly some Wats. There were some stunning buildings. Also got a foot massage and pedacure. Very nice. Came back to the guesthouse where I met some people. A nice group, and after a few hours of chatting we grabbed some food and headed out for a brew.

The brew was at the top of a building, sky roof thing, was amazing and got some great pictures. A little expensive tho, like a quid for a whiskey. Then spent the night wondering around a night market. Got a few trinkets, including all of us getting sketches of ourselves. They were all halarious but mine was considered the best. It is a cracking drawing... its just not a drawing of me. Its me if I was in my 50's. Very funny.

On the way back there were darth vadar impressions, Mark said "Elly, I am your father." and she replied "I don't think that's possible." I said "Elly, my picture is your father." Good times haha.

Tomorrow I'm up at 7am to get breakfast before I am picked up for the trek at 8. Its alredy 1am and I really need to go to sleep!

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